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Our spacious waiting room has natural lighting, contemporary furnishings, and a children’s corner

We want your visit to our dental office to be as enjoyable as possible. To this end we provide an attractive, comfortable environment with the latest technology, which enables us to give you the best experience we can.

Patient comfort


arrow_up Patient getting nitrous oxide and listening to Sirius|XM during treatment

Our office strives to make your dental care as physically comfortable as possible by offering the following amenities:

  • Satellite radio (Sirius|XM) with headphones—With more than 200 choices of entertainment to choose from, satellite radio enhances your listening pleasure while you have dental treatment.
  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)—This safe, breathable drug reduces the anxiety and gag reflex that we sometimes associate with dental visits.
  • Hypnosis—We use this relaxation technique for people who do not want medication to reduce their anxiety. It is particularly effective for agraphobiacs (those who fear open or public places).
  • Oraqix sulcular gel—This new anesthetic liquid becomes a gel after inserting it around the teeth. We use it for numbing the gum during cleanings.
  • Local anesthesia—Some people refer to local anesthesia as a “shot” or an “injection.” It can last for a long or short amount of time. Dr. Maron gives shots that do not hurt. He has found that giving the injection slowly and carefully eliminates discomfort. Just watch the reaction of the younger patients that he has treated, who “barely felt a thing,” or the older ones who ask, “Was that a shot you just gave me?”
  • Memory foam neck pillow—We use this small cushion for those patients with pre-existing neck, back, or sinus problems.
  • Rubber dam—This latex barrier keeps debris and water out of your mouth.

Latest technology


arrow_up Our modern treatment rooms have the latest technology

To ensure efficient service and accurate results, our state-of-the arts facility is outfitted with the latest dental equipment and tools, including the following recent technology:


arrow_up Dr. Maron showing a patient a digital x-ray of her root canal

  • Digital x-rays—We take digital x-rays to look for decay, abscesses, and other abnormal conditions in your mouth. The electronic sensor that we insert into your mouth captures images of your teeth and is connected to a computer, where the images are projected on a screen. Digital images are much larger and easier to see than traditional film images. In addition, we can magnify areas to see them closer. Most importantly, digital x-rays expose you to a lower dose of radiation and are safer for the environment than traditional x-rays.


arrow_up Hygienist using the DIAGNOdent laser detection system to find cavities in the patient’s mouth

  • DIAGNOdent laser caries detection system­—We use this hand-held device, which looks like a pen, to find tiny cavities in the biting surfaces that are undetectable with x-rays. The DIAGNOdent laser measures the fluorescence given off by waste products of bacteria associated with these small cavities and records the readings on a display.

arrow_up Hygienist using a procedure video to explain treatment to the patient

  • Patient education videos—We know that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so we use videos to show you your dental treatment options.



arrow_up Compact device worn by patient for home sleep study

  • Embletta® x100 home sleep study system—This portable monitoring device performs many of the same tests that a hospital sleep study performs; however, you can use it in the comfort of your home. The Embletta measures the number of times your breathing stops, the oxygen level in your blood, and the position in which you sleep. It provides enough other data to fill a seven-page report! Our office uses this information to see if the oral sleep appliance is functioning well or needs more adjustments. In addition, we are able to send the test results to your physician.

arrow_up Dr Maron in the consult room explaining the Invisalign treatment plan to the patient

  • Invisalign computer-generated orthodontic treatment plansInvisalign® is a system of moving teeth in small increments with clear plastic aligners. The Invisalign treatment plan plots the step-by-step movement of the teeth in a series of computer-generated images. This plan enables us to show you visually what the proposed orthodontic treatment should accomplish. With conventional orthodontics, you cannot see what the final result will be.


arrow_up Hygienist taking an intraoral photo of the patient’s mouth

  • Intraoral camera—This pen-sized, camera-tipped wand, which we insert into your mouth, enables you to see the dental problems that require treatment. The intraoral camera takes photos of the inside of your mouth and transmits the images of your teeth through a computer unit to a 22-inch video screen. The images take some of the mystery out of dental treatment, enabling you to see the leakage around fillings and the fractures of teeth.

arrow_up Intraoral image showing decay underneath the old filling


arrow_up Intraoral image showing a yellow area indicating early decay

The silver filling prevents the x-ray from showing any decay in its vicinity, and the early decay between the teeth is too narrow to be detected by x-ray.


arrow_up Easyshade® Compact spectrophotometer to measure tooth color 

  • VITA Easyshade® Compact spectrophotometer—We use the VITA Easyshade® Compact spectrophotometer to measure tooth shades quickly and easily under any lighting condition. Using this hand-held device, we can measure natural teeth, check restoration shades, and track bleaching progress with the push of a button. The Easyshade Compact enhances the accuracy of choosing shades of crowns, veneers, and other restorations so that the decision is not just left to the human eye.

arrow_up Wireless compact soft tissue laser

  • NV Microlaser—We use the NV Microlaser for killing bacteria associated with gum disease and for reshaping or removing soft tissue in the mouth. Patients find that surgery done with the laser causes less discomfort and promotes faster healing. The laser relieves pain in cold sores and apthous ulcers in just minutes, removes annoying bumps in the mouth from cheek or lip bites quickly and easily with no bleeding, and provides fast relief—without bleeding—for patients who are tongue-tied. The list of uses is endless.


Dr. Maron is one of only four general dentists in Dutchess County who have qualified as Invisalign® Preferred Providers.



Office location

Dr. Fred S. Maron

541 Haight Avenue
Poughkeepsie, New York

Phone: (845) 454-0380
FAX: (845) 454-2320


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Wheelchair accessible

Our office has a wheelchair-accessible entrance and bathroom.


Did you know?

Obstructive sleep apnea can shorten your lifespan by 8-10 years. Dr. Maron makes appliances to treat sleep apnea. Call today for your free consult.


"I have been to other dentists over the past many years, but I think Dr. Maron is absolutely the best. No pain. Modern techniques. Superclean office. Wonderful staff."


Did you know?

Using a rubber dam or the newer Isolite to keep the teeth dry eliminates the need to use cotton rolls in your mouth.


Emergency care

Dr. Maron tries to see emergency dental patients during office hours on the same day the problem occurs. If you have a dental emergency, call early in the day.

If your emergency occurs after office hours, call our office for instructions on how to reach Dr. Maron.


Did you know?

Each staff member has a radiation badge to ensure the proper levels of radiation are being used.

Procedure videos

Ask to see our in-office videos of your treatment options.


Did you know?

Dr. Maron can straighten your teeth using virtually invisible plastic aligners (Invisalign®). He is an Invisalign Preferred Provider.

Consistent care

Unlike group dental practices, where you might see a different dentist every year, you see Dr. Maron every time.


Did you know?

The waterlines for our drills use a special additive to kill any bacteria in the waterline.


"He is constantly updating his equipment and techniques. I currently live in the City and come back to see him because he is the best."



Our Solutionreach™ software will send you e-mail and text message reminders 1 week, 1 day, and 2 hours before your appointment. We can also customize the reminders to your preference.

If you want e-mail reminders from our office, you may have to set your spam software to allow Solutionreach.


Did you know?

Small details matter. Our office has dedicated air lines to prevent moisture contamination of our plastic fillings.


Affordable dentistry

Unlike some offices that "take" your insurance and then sell you expensive treatment, such as crowns, our office tries to find the least expensive treatment to fix a problem.


Did you know?

Poughkeepsie city and town no longer have fluoride in the water. We prescribe fluoride tablets for your children.