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Invisalign orthodontics


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If you want to straighten crooked teeth and broaden your smile without wearing traditional metal braces and wires and feeling any discomfort, Dr. Maron offers Invisalign® orthodontics to reposition your teeth.
  • Invisalign clear braces—A virtually invisible method for repositioning your teeth, Invisalign orthodontics uses clear plastic aligners that you can remove before eating and before cleaning the teeth. Dr. Maron, together with Invisalign specialists, designs a comprehensive computerized treatment plan that shows the gradual changes in your tooth position and the expected outcome. Before beginning the procedure, you can view the plan. A lab creates a series of aligners that you wear in 2-week increments. Each set of aligners moves the teeth only a small distance (.25 mm). Typically, the treatment lasts 9 months-2 years and provides little discomfort.

Did you know?

Dr. Maron now treats adolescents with Invisalign® orthodontics.


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Affordable dentistry

Insurance policies that offer orthodontic coverage will help pay for Invisalign.